Traditional Scottish Marmalade


Our Premium product. Traditional Scottish Marmalade, homemade to exacting standards of quality hygiene and flavour from only pure fruit and high-quality sugars.

There are no artificial, chemical or additive chemicals included. only oranges, lemons and sugars. 100% pure.

A sharp deep flavour that lingers on the tongue for hours.

Bottles are 225 Ml. or 275 g usually.  Made in small batches by hand.



This is our signature product. Our very own homemade, traditional Scottish Marmalade using a recipe and technique handed down over generations.

Made from the finest Sunkist Oranges, local best quality lemons and high quality large granulated sugar to provide a sharp, deep bodied flavour with a light consistency straight out of the bottle.

Made in very small batches by hand with no mechanical assistance. So each batch has its own unique characteristics which makes our premium quality Marmalade a taste explosion.

That’s all there is to it. Oranges, Lemons and Sugar. Nothing else, no additives, not artificial setting agents, no chemicals of any sort. Even the sugar is clean and clear of additives and settling agents.

Sold in 225 ml bottle or about 275 g


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