Granny's Kitchen

About Us

Our staff are all home trained by Granny and supervised all the way. Every bottle that we produce is made in exactly the same way but because it is hand made each batch has its own character and that’s what makes us different. 

We stand by our products and we guarantee that if you can find an artificial product in any of the bottles you’ll get your many back and keep the bottle you have. 

We believe in only the best for our customers and we strive to keep the quality high and the prices down. We use as much local product as we can to make sure local business gets involved to. 

We select all the fruit by hand from producers or importers and make sure only perfect fruit reaches the bottle. 

Granny’s Kitchen is your personal kitchen for perfect home made marmalade made the traditional way from Scotland. 

This is Aladdin, You’ll find him on all our bottles. If you collect 10 or more of the stickers we’ll send you a special gift.